Welcome to the Studio

Welcome to Two Terriers Studio, a place filled with the stories of my quilting journey. In 2009, I had very limited sewing experience, but I set out to make quilts for my children. I’m a “dive right in” maker, I suppose. Interestingly, after those initial quilts, I was hooked & I’ve never looked back. I do value continuous learning. I am inspired by the fact that we may use the same patterns, but our personal perspectives and imagination lead to unique finishes. I’ve since taken some quilting classes, I’ve branched out to sewing accessories like zippered bags, totes and a few “art” pieces. I’m also a pattern tester for quilt designers (using my education & corporate experience in editing & publishing!) and in 2019, I was added to the Master Makers Team for Matthew Boudreaux of Mister Domestic fame. Not in my wildest dreams did I anticipate those two little quilts leading to this path, but I’ve learned that chasing an idea can lead to fantastic moments & opportunities. Take a look around; I hope you enjoy your visit!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Studio

  1. I have been looking for the Cotton & Steel Melody Miller Viewfinder fabric. I see you have it with the black background in your Instagram picture from today. If you have any colorway I would be interested in purchasing it. Thank you. Rachel Kurtz (luvmykatz57 on Instagram). 208-288-2264.


    1. Hi Rachel, thank you for reaching out & inquiring about the viewfinder fabric. I’m sorry I don’t have any yardage for sale; I’ve used every little bit of it, except for small scrap size pieces. If I find friends or LQS with any, I will let you know.


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